A remote worker sitting at his csurrounded by representations of various web applications he uses to carry out his tasks.

Imagine you’re in a meeting room, sitting across from someone for half an hour and neither of you ever make eye contact. Not. Even. Once.

As the social creatures that we are, this should sound unsettling.

Human eye contact tells us what the other person is looking at. What they’re…

Elections were taking place in certain ‘democratic’ Middle Eastern country (take your pick), so a dutiful citizen went to cast his vote at the polling station. When he came home, his wife asked who he voted for. He replied that this year he had decided to give the opposition a…

In an age of ‘Fake News’, we badly need Philosophy. Dear God, what would Descartes have made of President Donald Trump? The mind itself goes numb at the thought.

Richard Clayton

Explorer and storyteller, or at least trying to be :)

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